My Part of Pandemic n Gastroventure in LA-2 @Gus’s BBQ & Joy on York


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Even on the day of National Emergency, we cannot stop eating delicious foods and shopping as we have done in the past.

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Joy Restaurant Building

JOY is a casual, neighborhood eatery in Highland Park, Los Angeles. Our menu showcases regional Taiwanese cooking using fresh and simple ingredients. We love sharing our heritage through food and aim to provide distinctive service for our guests and community.

Our food is inspired by Taiwan’s street food culture. The menu features dishes you can find in night markets around Taipei such as minced pork on rice and thousand-layer pancake. We also offer limited, seasonal cold appetizers, soups, and greens. Our wide selection of tea drinks, along with a rotating list of craft beers and wines, is curated to complement our food offerings. Similar to our sister restaurant, Pine & Crane, some of our dishes also trace their roots to the northern-style Chinese dishes my maternal grandparents grew up eating before they moved to Taiwan in 1949. As a result, a lot of our dishes feature wheat based items such as buns, pancakes, dumplings, and noodles. Our scallion sesame bread, which we bake in-house daily and accompanies our soups, has always been one of my grandfather’s favorite things to eat and is one such example.

Our hope is to be a cozy, neighborhood joint where people from all walks of life gather together and bond over delicious, heartful, and authentic Taiwanese specialities.  True to the spirit of street food dining, we want guests to feel equally at ease whether they’re stopping in for a small snack and to say hello, or if they’re meeting friends to enjoy a communal dining experience.

As a casual counter-service spot, we don’t take any reservations but please feel free to call us prior to visiting so we can help estimate your wait time (if there is one).


5100 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90042

(323) 999-7642

Mon 12pm – 10pm

Tues 12pm – 10pm

Wed 12pm – 10pm

Thurs 12pm – 10pm

Fri 12pm – 10pm

Sat 12pm – 10pm

Sun 12pm – 10pm


Final Thought:

TK called me 5 times early this morning and came to my house to wake me up.
He left his keys in my car last night and needed them to work as a Uber driver, after 3 times kicked out from Uber due to his low passenger ratings (4.25/5.0), language barrier, dangerous driving habits, and traffic violations, etc. I’ve trained him by working together as a team to do Postmates and UberEats delivery service for about a month to give him a job and his own car to drive to go anywhere he wanted.

He has been jobless for 12 years after his retirement from a Japanese sushi restaurant business in Pasadena. He had been trained in Japan for many years under Mr. Osawa’s Spartan training and supervision and ran very successful businesses as a top class sushi chef in the past.

Now he became a Pro Uber driver with 4.80/5.0 performance ratings and makes lots of money, perhaps 3-4 times more than I do.
He paid last night’s dinner expenses and bought a beautiful gift for my wife, brand new golf shoes, and a Honma 3-star Driver for me.

However he still has some character disorder problems by calling me 5 times early this morning to wake me up. What shall I do? 🙂

5 Calls from TK today


고마움의 길


친구는 친구여서 고맙고
원수는 음으로 양으로 나를 크게 했으니 고맙다
건강하면 그래서 고맙고
병은 내가 한낱 육체임을 환기 시켜 고맙고
내 말을 잘 들어 주면 그래서 고맙고
내 말을 뻗대고 듣지 않으면
인간의 어떠함을 알게 해서 고맙다
부유하면 물자에 불편이 없이
후히 쓸 수 있어 고맙고
가난하면 세상 돌아가는 일에 책임질 필요 없이
내 작은 마당에 성실할 수 있어 고맙고,
나를 사랑해 주면 그래서 고맙고
나를 버린 남편, 나를 버린 아내는
인간의 본래적 외로움을 보게 하고,
보다 큰 근원을 찾게 해서 고맙다
다시 말해,
여름의 나뭇잎들은 푸르름과 풍요로움을 알게 해 고맙고
잎을 다 벗은 겨울나무는 정신이 확 들게 확실해서 고맙다
(작자 미상)
English by Google Translate >
The Road to Gratitude

Thank you for being a friend
I'm grateful that the enemy made me loud and positive

If you're healthy, thank you so much
Thank you for reminding me that I am a body

If you listen to me well, thank you so much
If you don't listen to me
Thank you for knowing how humans are.

When floating, there is no inconvenience to the material
Thank you for being able to write generously
If you are poor, you do n’t have to be responsible for going back to the world.
Thank you for being sincere in my little yard,

If you love me, thank you so much
The husband who abandoned me, the wife who abandoned me
To see the human loneliness,
Thank you for finding a larger source

In other words,
Thank you for the summer leaves letting us know the greenness and richness.
I'm grateful that the winter tree with the leaves off is sure to be awakened.

(Author unknown)

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