List of Fine K-Restaurants in LA K-Town (English)

To be updated with addresses, phone #’s & their websites later on –
*Translated by Google Translate from the previous Korean posting

LA KTown Best K-Restaurants List (LA 한타 맛집 총정리)

A brief introduction to the best K-Restaurants in Los Angeles KTOWN Area > To be updated and translated later on –
틈나는 대로 영문 업소명및 주소, 연락처, 웹사이트 등으로 보완/업데이트 하겠습니다.
– BlueJay

List of K-Restaurants in LA K-Town
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Updated September 24, 2017
1. The Kalbi(ribs) > @SuWon Kalbi(ribs) (9th and Vermont)
2. Put the cilantro into the oyster soup and kill it. 6 Rivers Canmore Vietnamese Noodles
3. Bean Sprout Pork Belly Honey Pork (8th and Hobart)
4. Genghis Khan Seoul Hall (Olympic Alvarado)
5. Gopchang is a lady of Goho Dong Gopchang (6th and Hobart)
6. Shabu Shabu Lunch is Khan Shabu Shabu (between Western Road 1st Street and Beverly)
7. Pork Ribs with Baekhwajeong (near Olympic and Cranshire), Ham Jibak (6th and Katarina)
8. Giblet hotpot Hacienda Ongane
9. Eel and grilled shellfish is Jebudo (next to western road of maplewood oriental mission church)
10. Steamed seafood and crab steamed ondal (8-ga and mariposa)
11. Sommori Gukbap added Konjiam (Beverly and Manhattan) and President's Pot
12. Beef Bulgogi Hwanghae (Across Western Oriental Mission Church)
13. Skate sashimi (Sam Hae) has the taste of Vermon Sundae (Vermon and 10-gae skate), and Todam (Western and 1-ga) skate is weak.
14. The Abalone Dead Mountain (Eight Rivers and Verendo)
15. Chueotang is Namwongol (Pico and Cranshire)
16. Old Bulgogi is Gwangyang Bulgogi (Wilshire and Alensandria)
17. Pork Ribs and Cold Noodle Combo with Chilbo Myeonok (6 Way City Market's Food Court)
18. Sashimi is Hamheung cold noodles (Olympic and Admois)
19. Seoul style cold noodles are Hansol cold noodles ($ 10 for Madang Mall).
20. Cold noodles are yucheon (Olympic and Serrano)
21. Bean sprouts soup is Hanil-gwan (6th and Berendo)
22. Seolleongtang is the Zen Nongdan (6th and Alexandria).
23. Garlic bittersweet chicken is a kitchen number (6 River Serrano Ward) Chicken Village)
24. Green Chicken No. 77 Chicken (Berman 7 Street Gobau Mall)
25. Oyster rice is a mountain (6th City Market's 2nd Floor Food Court)
26. Bossam is Kobau (7 Kawa Vermon) and Baekhwajeong (Kimchi Bossam is art)
27. Silver cut simmered cutlass stew is a rural restaurant (although it's good). 8 River Katarina
28. Mackerel is cooked in Seongbok-dong (6 Gaberendo)
29. Soy crab is Vermon Sundae (9th and Vulmon etymology mall)
30. Asada Tongalbi Grilled Beef Barrel
31. Seafood kalguksu is an Olympic kalguksu (Olympic Oxford)
32. Mandu dumplings are master dumplings (Olympic and Kingsley South Korea Mall)
33. Gyoza dumplings (taken on Plaza Market Food)
34. Potato soup is potato bone (Olympic Nolmandi)
35. Cheonggukjang was the Olympic Cheonggukjang (before Olympic, Arapaho and Hoover)
36. Sun Tofu is located in Bukchang-dong (9th and Western)
37.Gimbab is Gaju Gimbap (Wilshire and Manhattan)
38. Sundae countries include 8th Street, Western Korean Sundae, and 8th Street Sundae (8th Street and Hoover).
39. Pork Cutlet Waco (Olympic Fedora)
40. Old Pork Cutlet is King Pork Cutlet (Plaza Market Underground Food Court)
41. Curry Curry House (Yard Mall)
42. Stabbing Arado (Wilshire Wilton)
43. Tteokbokki and various snacks go together (Plaza Market underground food court)
44. Traditional Japanese sushi restaurant in town: Nosis Shi (Beverly and Harvard)
45. Snack is school food (yard mall)
46. ​​Champon Noodle Soup
47. Sweet and sour bathing at Yanbian (Olympic Hobart)
48. Beijing Shrimp Heungraegak (Western 3-ga)
49. Pizza is Pizza go – Sweet Potato Pizza Kimchi Pizza (3rd Hobart)
50. Fried Chicken in Gyochon Chicken (Sega 6 Serano)
51. Walnut Shrimp is a Longbow (Vermon 10)
52. Town Buffet is a secret garden-Olympic and Alvarado
53. Boba and Cup Shaved Ice Boba Time (Western 1st Street)
54. Abundant red bean shaved ice is Miss Coffee (Third Street and Harvard) – 4 people may not eat one bowl
55. Bean sprouts soup with large kiln (8-ga Serrano)
56. Lunch Hansik is 8th Street and Oxford
57. Live fish in Jeju Island (Pico and Cranshire)
58. Sundae Contribution is a Sundae Collection in the City Market (Packed Contribution)
59. Raw duck roasted Mirak 2 (Vermon and 12-ga)
60. Agujiri-tang is a collection (Beverly and Western)
61. Meat Buffet is Cheongun Buffet (between Western, Melrose and Santa Monica)
62. Goattang is Mirak (12th Street and Western).
63. Fishing Bibimbap, Seonji Bean Sprouts
64. Samgyetang is Buil Samgyetang (3rd and Hobart)
65. Smoked roasted duck jade (12 Rivers Western)
66. The jokbal are Jangchung jokbal (Western 4th Street) and OB Bear (7th and Virgil).
67. Flowering Bakdaegamne (Olympic Vermon)
68. Gyoza dumplings and Myeongdong kalguksu (Wilshire and Hobart)
69. Jjajangmyeon is a tray of Jjamong.
70. Vietnamese Noodles-Po Saigon (Nandalang Mall's Cleanest Taste)
71. Andong Guksi – City Market Food Code 2F
72. Lunch Korean Style Cloakhouse (Ogaga Oxford)
74. Whole Chicken-Prince (7 Rivers and Katarina)
75. Jukkukyong Yongdu-dong
76. Fried Mackerel Fried Rice (Hoover & 8Th st) Oriole Karaoke Mall ($ 4.99)
77. Pork Soup with Halma Gomtang (between Oxford 2 and 3)
78. The Fusion Fusion Pasadena Charm 851 Cordova St. Pasadena, CA 91101
79. Haejangguk is made of Vermon
80. Yeonpotang, Fishing Perilla Kalguksu is true sea 201 N western ave. (Old Busan Sashimi House)
81. Galbi-tang is a soup soup (8th and Harvard).
82. Raw Spare Ribs-Raw rib brick cuts at Genwa in Wilshire and La Brea. Serve with Gochujang Steamed Wine
83. Alban is the city market's restaurant. The menu is changed every day.
84. Red bean shaved ice is jade rumong (6 River Serrano Mall)
85. Busan Pork Gukbap Jinsol Gukbap (3 River Serrano Mall)
86. Raw spring roll and Shabu Shabu combo with Shabu-Wilshire and Western (Kidsland Building)
87. The cheap and delicious samgyeopsal Ssambap is the Sambat House 9-ga Western restaurant in Koreatown Plaza Food Code.
88. Quinoa Sprouts Oyster Bibimb Dolby Rice in Ombu (4th and Western)
89. Tenraku 3 and Hobart for fishing paella and Kobe flowers
90. Daewang Castella is under the Plaza Market
I'll keep updating.

It may be my personal taste, but ... I've chosen the houses that are generally satisfying.
I hope it will be helpful for those coming from other states.

I will also recommend restaurants.

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